February 01, 2013

Its February

Its already second month of the year.
Still doing so fine at home.
Just a couple of things needed to be sorted out.
Mungkin akan do some island hopping by mid June.
Plus many more exciting things to come.
Currently on booking phase.

Kawan sekolah ajak pergi Pulau Perhentian.
And Langkawi.
My thought. I nak pergi Sibu Island.
But still on planning phase.
Btw, its the first day of February.
Doing some groceries at Pasar Borong.
Having roti canai for breakfast.
Its been long enough for morning napping.
So, its time to get some sweat.
Guess what. I don't recall what Kailan looks like.

So, janganlah jadi macam saya.
Dan kepada awak.
Ye, awaklah. Yang tengah baca post niy.
Sila makan sayur dengan banyaknya oke.
Nanty badan pun sihat.

# Gambar sayur daripada sini.