January 31, 2013

Baby + Koko

Entry ini adalah tentang kucing.

This both are cats that used to live under the same roof with me.
Sounded mean when I said like that.
Hohoh. Btw.
Baby, the mom.
Recently ran away from home.
I think she is going for nikah at Golok.
I saw her last few days.
Glad she still recall her name.
But she refuses to come home, still.
Anyway baby. I know you might never be able to read this.
But, do come home when you feel like.
Your sister is missing you.

The small tiger looked meow.
Was the son. We called him Koko.
And sad thing is, he past away.
Just a few days after running away.
Why does the cats love running away from home.
Didn't we pet them much.
Please answer this cat.

# Baby sama panjang dengan ukulele :)