November 29, 2013

Wedding List #4 [Pelamin]


Pelamin, is main attraction other than the bride itself.
Having bit difficulties to choose.
Well, not fresh ideas on this [so boring]
Sebenarnya I have plenty ideas.
But, having financial difficulties & space prob.
So I'm sticking to the least I can.
Anyhow, I love having garden themed party.
And yes, that will cost a lot. By a lot mean big capital L.
Jadi, kena kuburkan that dream forever.
So, this is what I've picked for myself.
Pinjam gambar. Heheh.
This is not final, as vendor I still looking for the best armed chair.
Hopefully, it all turn well. InshaAllah.

Kesihatan & Risau


Salam Jumaat peeps.
I'm surely not in good health condition.
Having flu & getting worst since yesterday.
Hopefully its not resulted to fever. Or any other penyakit. Huhuh.
Seriously felt like nak pegy klinik. Tapi tah bile. Hew hew.
Apparently, I'm not feeling well lately.
Lagi pula lepas found out my sis having darah tinggi.
Uii. My late dad used to have the 3-linked penyakit.
Its darah tinggi, kencing manis & jantung.
Towards the end baru tengok symptom untuk penyakit jantung.
Tapi memang seriau sebab my late dad kena half-body stoke.
That's due to pembuluh darah pecah (hipertension).
Dan dad banyak sangat berpantang.
Happens to be, at the last days, I think he knows he's gonna go far.
So he enjoyed his last views & taste. Sob sob~
Eventually, we sisters might have inherit them.
And I haven't do full body check since last 3 years.
Mungkin at time nak buat HIV test nanti, cek untuk badan sekali.
Worry taw. Frowning.
Dan ini piramid makanan lagi sekali, untuk remind diri sendiri.

November 21, 2013

Bebelan Pagi Khamis


Morning walks by very fast in office.
Just a blink its noon already.
Have meeting on every Thursday after lunch.
To discuss progress & actually talk out if having any prob.
Have less than few ideas to update lately.
But at recent, learning new task.
Will be carrying it over the next month & actual serving date would be next year.
Ok, next year! Awal tahun would be very hectic.
Hopefully can manage to loose bit weight & ongoing task in flying color.
Hahah. Can't believe I did have heart to go loose weight.
The least I wanted to do now. Derr~
But need to be active. Keep yawning at work. & that's bad.
Have no true idea on how will the wedding be.
I care less about it now. So many thing to take care of.
End up I don't even care about any. Hahaha.
Life really unpredictable. Things come & go easily.
& ya, its babbling day.
Dan Kiki bulat sudah bersalin. 4 cute babies.
But we don't dare snapping any pics. Hehehe.
Alright, its time to get straight to work.
Remember, time passes very quick when you have something to do.
It distract from the prob you facing at current.

# Doakan all our wishes to come true.

November 04, 2013

Wedding List #3 [Nikah: Dress]


Starting new month already. So near to end of the year.
Just sent my wedding dress for tailoring.
Surprisingly, its a bit high for a dress.
But it necessary to have a nice dress, & its a MUST have.
Well, we went to Bangunan MARA hunting for tailor.
Ramai jugak tailor kat sana, in fact,
U will have a lot of choices to make when it comes to tailor.
As for me, I decided to go for Butik Umairah.
Dan I get that from blogwalking, but belum pernah nampak end result.
So, I'm trying one to get to know what my experiment will be.
Hopefully, everything will be just fine :)
Dan utk harga tailoring, just ignore for once.
Its not final yet.

# Waiting, waiting & waiting