January 31, 2013

Baby + Koko

Entry ini adalah tentang kucing.

This both are cats that used to live under the same roof with me.
Sounded mean when I said like that.
Hohoh. Btw.
Baby, the mom.
Recently ran away from home.
I think she is going for nikah at Golok.
I saw her last few days.
Glad she still recall her name.
But she refuses to come home, still.
Anyway baby. I know you might never be able to read this.
But, do come home when you feel like.
Your sister is missing you.

The small tiger looked meow.
Was the son. We called him Koko.
And sad thing is, he past away.
Just a few days after running away.
Why does the cats love running away from home.
Didn't we pet them much.
Please answer this cat.

# Baby sama panjang dengan ukulele :)

January 30, 2013


In a good mood.
Done watching Revenge at 8tv.
Awesome drama.
Everybody has secrets.
Officially, the task for January was all done.
Thesis, Unpacking, Birthday and the Wedding.
February will come with much more responsibilities.
Yuup. Its life.

# At belakang Uwan's house.

January 27, 2013

My Aunt's Wedding

At my hometown since the last 4 days.
Preparing for aunt wedding.
Solemnization is on Friday.
While the kenduri is on Sabtu.
Very hectic. Super tired.
Back to Kuala Lumpur by Sunday.

Hohoho. Btw.
Im the bridesmaid for the day.
The wedding mantain kampung style.
With rewang and stuffs.
And the pelamin was in modern design.
Yellow did brought the day.
Pics with the King and Queen of the day.
Together with pengapit lelaki.

# Lotso love :)

January 24, 2013

#1 Sad Day

A remembrance day.
Genap sebulan I've lost my dearest tabby.
Yg I know I would never be able to get it back.
And starting onward.
I'm learning hard to accept the fact that it was gone.
Due to my carelessness.

Hopefully, akan lebih aware dengan barang-barang peribadi.
Tak betah sedih macam niy lagi :(
[ Gambar takde kaitan ]

January 15, 2013

The 24th Chapter

A new chapter of my life.
Turning 24 today.
And the fact that I've been living for the past two decades.
Hehehe. Alhamdulillah.
Must have new resolutions.
InsyAllah. This year will turn great.

# A new suit for birthday is quite ohsem :)

January 13, 2013

Sunday Outing #2

Obviously to day is not Sunday.
But I'm writing on behalf of last weeks' Sunday.
Hahah. Crazy huh.

So that day, we went to i-City.
It's nice though seeing all those lights.
Colorful and nice.
Thus, we went here and there.
Taking pictures.
Although knowing the facts that.
Our faces might be swollen by the glimmers lights.
Here's one.

# Bam bam is out having fun :)

January 08, 2013

My 1st Post for New Year

Ok. Don't say a word.
Today is officially a week after new year.
And this is my first post.
Unbelievable eh.

Seriously, new year past very fast.
Plus with Research paper yg perlu complete
after 2 days presentation.
My life had been completed.
Finished my degree.
But dunno la flying colors ke tak.

Hahah. Anyway,
yg penting is.
I am currently employed as penanam anggur yang berjaya.
Hopefully it wont last forever.
Cannot tahan meh.

# Mari belaja buat pavlova :)