February 28, 2013

#1 Kaki Melangkah

Getting my backpack packed up.
Its time to travel :)
Walaupun a bit late.
Tapi I love to get things last minute.
[ Must work it up ]
Today, nak pergi Terengganu.
Bangun agak awal. Just next to sunrise.
The ticket state 10:45.

Dengan semangat tunggu taxi by 9:30.
And be at Putra by 10:00.
Then I was like what am I doing here so early.
Perut rasa lapar. But cannot take heavy breakfast.
I'll vomit. And nobody will like that.
So, bertahan yaya. Bertahan!
Bas sampai lambat. Around 11:00.
Luckily, pakcik bas sangat considerate.
And tak bawak laju-laju.
Safely arrive at around 15:00.
And no vomiting at all. [ Great ! ]
Kite naik bas niy. Skyview.
[ Tipu je. Bas dalam gambar pegy JB ]

# Alhamdulillah.

February 27, 2013

#3 Wordless Wednesday

# Kiki is doing just the same at our 9th floor.

February 26, 2013

Dapat PT Ke?

Classmates chatting on PTPTN.
Ada yg still dapat walaupun dah tak perlu masuk kelas.
For kepastian. Im doing some checking.
Obviously tak simpan a copy of Perjanjian.
But still manage to view my penyata.
Seriously, hutang belaja pun dah bole buat kenduri kawen.
Hahah. So untuk assurance.
Memang apply loan for 3 years.
Tapi penyata cakap last taksir is on February 2013.
Maka maksudnya disini.
Im not gonna get any loan for this year.
[ Frown ] Could use some cash now.
Ini Incek Grumpy Cat :)

Actually, dah lupa pun password.
Reset balik and PTPTN akan hntar kat emel.
That's why still boleh tengok penyata.
Another thing is. I'm keeping this as information since last two years.
Tak tahu still applicable or not.
Since ada Ujrah and Discount thing.
But love to try.
Further reading at here.
" Tukar Pinjaman PTPTN kepada Biasiswa "

February 25, 2013

A Helping Hand

[ Mereka again]

Hari yang indah niy.
Melawat LHDN.
Tolong adik niy uruskan BR1M beliau.
The thing is, wifey dy last year adalah tanggungan to her parent.
This year kan dah jadi tanggungan orang lain.
So that is why la they not suppose to get BR1M.
Then wifey dy try buat rayuan.
Or mungkin some minor pembetulan.
So they go to LHDN untuk setelkn those things.

Lagi, since ipar aku niy student UiTM jugak.
Dengan rajinnya. Hantarkan beliau pegy UiTM Selayang.
So at the end.
When people happy. I'm glad to help.

# Currently reading on afrayuri.
[ Senang je nak kira. Mine is 9-6-7 ]

February 24, 2013

#2 Sad Day

This is a remembrance day.
Officially two months.
Hope to get away from all of these by next month.
Think I'm recovering enough.
Its time to really let go.
And face the fact that its gone.
Seriously. I had too.
# Help me my Allah.

February 23, 2013

Pasar Borong

Doing some poultry shopping.
Sangat normal lately ikut my mom to Pasar Borong.
Well, great thing is.
I've learned a lot.
Walaupun i thought I knew everything.
But this is far beyond what I've learned in classes.
Btw, my mom akan go for kursus in next two weeks.
So I guess its her preparation to avoid me starving.
Thanks mom. Love you lot.

Nearest Pasar Borong from me house is at Selayang.
I guess I wouldn't have the guts to go by myself.
Sebab Pasar is quite creepy.
Hahaha. [ If you know what I meant ]
Must be prepared.
If in case you hate things smell fishy meaty and so ever.
Please consider yourself to avoid being at Wet Market.
And ya, I even had a selipar putus.
Yang ni Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah.

# Nak pergi Kelantan lagi !

February 22, 2013


Another Friday at home.
Adding one more : 9gaging.
Hohoh. Just doing some kerja amal.
Picking up my sis from S7 Shah Alam.
Sangat rindu zaman belajar.
Dulu kalau nak balik on weekend.
Kena balik sendiri.
Adik aku sorang niy lah untung.
Ade kakak. Hahahha.
Macam best je ade kakak kan.
Tapi ramai kakak yg aku kenal ada job macam niy.
Ade sorang tu tunggu adik pegi solat Jumaat lagi.
Baek betul kakak zaman sekarang kan :)

# Kiki asek tido jew.

February 21, 2013

Thinking In Progress

February is about to end.
Seriously? About to end?
Alamak. I've got so many things.
Achievement equals to none.
Nicest thing is that I've finish my degree.

Is there any chances of getting on second degree?
Hohoh. Larat ke nak tahan lagi 2 tahun niy.
To be exact, memang tak mungkin going for master.
In coming years :3 [ swear ]
But, second degree sounded nice.
Had some 'google'ing to do.

# Santai-santai makan cekodok pisang. Nom nom~

February 20, 2013

#2 Wordless Wednesday

# Nicely done :3

February 19, 2013

Rumah Oh Rumah

Harga rumah makin naik recent days.
Sampai sejuta untuk a house.
But then bukannya luas.
Mana nak cari tanah lagi kat kawasan KL niy.
Next of kin pun apartments and condos.
But that one only dah cost around 0.5+ million.

Oke, the question is.
Macam mana a fresh grad with her first real job.
To get a house that is suitable with her wage range.
Its seriously though.
Perhaps, we will turn to be like HK, China.
Where peoples lives in cage.
OMG. That cannot be happening!

And I should have start to think about this.
Banyaknya kena fikir lepas letak jawatan jadi student.
[ Palm Face ]

February 18, 2013

Monday Blues

Seriously memang blues.
Don't have any slight idea of whats happening.
Just follow the rhythm.

Boring. Rasa nak sambung tido.

February 17, 2013

Buku Lagi

Spending the last of my book voucher.
Actually, thought of buying some board games.
Tapi Popular cakap the rules is 80% books.
Thus, kena la juga cari some books.
At the end just bought Sahiba.

Anyway, all was spent on that single time.
The last of it.
Happy sangat sebab at least dapat help
my siblings and mama for some books.
And a book for me.

Mudahkan Jangan Susahkan.

# Semoga aku lebih rajin membaca :)

February 16, 2013

Enambelas Haribulan Dua

Pegi satu wedding at Kepong.
Tema taktaw kaler ape.
Banyak sangat kaler.
Best part is, jumpa satu cekgu skola rendah.
Ustaz Khairol.
Jaoh lagi beliau suda kenal aku siapa.
Hohoh. Tak sangka sebenarnya.
Plus, terjumpa senior sorang.
Ini pun jaoh lagi da senyum.
Bila dekat siap angkat tangan lagi.

The question is.
Mukakuw niy memang tak berubah langsung kah?
Bukan makin bulat orang tak kenal ke.

February 15, 2013

Result Hari Ini

The end of degree road.
Tamat today sebab result dah keluar.
And still manage to get above 3 pointer.
Dunno why, I am not that enthusiastic with degree.

But still. I'm very happy.
That I had finished my thesis in flying colors.
Alhamdulillah :)

Today, lotso friend and college mates post kat FB.
Me, I'd rather share silently.
And gladly, all the hard work turn out well.

Alhamdulillah again~

February 14, 2013

Thinkless Thursday

Everything comes with fur.
If having cats as pet.

# Hahah. So true!

February 13, 2013

Wednesday is Henna Day

Actually, my soon to be sister offered me.
Since past few weeks.
But I'm not in any mood of doing it.
But since today I've got nothing.
I just asked her to do it for me.

Well, it turns out quite well.
Although a lil bit shakiness.
But those can be fixed.
And the result is quite outstanding.

Abaikan saiz sebab corak at right hand is bigger than left.
Thanks to Shafrena.
Job well done :)

# Gonna make some Popia Daging today.

February 12, 2013

Tuesday : Book Shopping Day

Warga kota berpusu-pusu balik.
But I woke up at late noon.
Super tired.
Many days in a row kena bangun awal pagi.
But dah berpuas hati sebab dapat habiskan great 9 hours.

Today, got some shopping to do.
To be exact, book shopping!
Anyway, selain buku UPSR and Math for my sisters.
My book voucher was spent on comics :)

Well, memang x sepatutnya habiskan utk komik.
Tapi I'm not gonna be in lectures anymore.
Thus, the great way spending it.
Is to help my siblings with their books and stationary.

Beli buku Doraemon.
Niy semua pengaruh rakan sebaya.

# Still ada balance lagi niy :p

February 11, 2013

Blue Lagoon Port Dickson

Its beaches time.
Aktiviti cuti sekolah.
Untuk hari ini.
We are off to Port Dickson.

Pagi-pagi by 700 dah on our way.
As expected, by 900 sume pun dah turun mandi laut.
Btw, tak pernah sampai to this part of Port Dickson.
The water still see through.
And not so panas. Thanks to trees.
Ada toilet with shower.
Also some shops.
Oh, tempat ni is near to Maybank Guesthouse.

Today banyak makanan.
And we even bring along mini stove.
Untuk goreng nuggets, sausages, hash-browns and many.
Tak termasuk lagi makanan yg dah ready.
Sandwiches and some fried mihun.

We even assembled the tent.
And all I wanted is a nap.
So sleepy today~

February 10, 2013

The Second Day

Utk sekeping sijil.
Ku gagahkan jua bangun pagi.
Today, akan mula kursus on 900.
And finished by 1330.

Sarapan pagi kat tempat kursus.
Foods are provided.
Dapat alas perut would be great.
Sebab perlu habiskan half day today.

Btw, kursus tu kami ambil di sini.
At Setiawangsa Kuala Lumpur.
Cost us RM160 / two pax.

Anyway, sijil akan dapat by next Friday.
And dah sign setiap slot utk attendance.
Rasa macam masuk kelas kat Uni jew.

# Insha Allah, this would be a great start for us.

February 09, 2013

A Busy Saturday

Starting this year with lotso things.
One of them is attending this kursus.
Btw, sengaja buat awal.
Risau later mungkin tak dapat any suitable days to do it.

Anyway, the whole day passed by.
And sangat letih sitting around.
We be there by 930 utk registration.
And by 1000 kursus started.
Break lunch at 1430 and rolled again until 1900.
Total of 8 jam kursus was going on.

Reach home pun dah malam.
Sempat singgah mamak.
Makan capati and bungkus maggi goreng.
Heheh. Tenaga kena cukup :p

Serius kena belajar buat capati niy.
Makanan tanpa minyak.
# Still on carb diet :)

February 08, 2013

Fasting Again

Jumaat yg mulia niy.
Sambung puasa lagi :)
Alhamdulillah, hari masih lagi cerah seperti biasa.
Tapi sejuk. Sebab matahari masih lagi menyorok.

Jumaat sinonim dengan banyak perkara keberkatan.
Tapi yg penting, petang niy.
Nak makan nasi kandar.
[ Dasyat betul. Belum tengahari dah fikir makan. ]

Btw, since belajar kat Terengganu.
Suka melawat kedai mamak.
Sebab ayam goreng tu besar, garing.
Tambah sayur sikit. Kuah kari campur.
But the best is kat Penang.
Memang lain betul rasanya kalau nak compare.

Insha Allah.
Kalau murah rezeki.
Nak melawat Penang again.
Dan kali niy akan make sure melawat Thailand sekali.

February 07, 2013

Fasting Today

Since dah memang ada kat rumah.
I think better untuk gantikan puasa yang tertinggal.
Btw, bukan ada apa ape sangat nak buat kat rumah.

Hahah. And good thing is that.
Hari ni sangat cerah.
Tapi x panas.
But obviously, tak boleh buat macam kucing niy.
Sampai naik juling mata beliau.
Since this would be a day with full of kesabaran.
Kena mantain muka macam niy :) 

# Insha Allah selamat sampai berbuka.

February 06, 2013

Baucer Buku Lagi

Pada hari Rabu yg mulia ini.
Had successfully redeem BB1M.
Utk kali kedua.
Inilah rupa BB1M 2013.
Last post on Baucer Buku was on January 2012.
And that time tak tahu nak beli apa dengan BB1M tu.
Neway, same goes to now.
Memandangkan dah habis intern.
And no more classes.
Jadi, spend all utk adik-adik je lah.

Just get back from Uitm Kampus Selayang.
Untuk 10 minit, rasa macam medic student.
Well, itu adalah cita-cita yg tak kan kesampaian.
Neway, bagus jugak ada kampus yg dekat ngan rumah.
Tak perlu travel sampai Shah Alam.
Thanks for the BB1M.
And Kampus Selayang memang cantik.

February 05, 2013


Seriously serious sangat rindu mereka ini.
I can't keep them as pet for now.
Haven't have enough time to pet them.
But they all soo cuddly cute.
Kalau dulu balik kelas.
Selalu tangkap Mohsen and golek-golek kan dye.
In pics is anak-anak Mohsen and Mimi.
Dah la both pun die young.
Just me raising them.
One of them, the brownish.
Had lost his leg just few weeks.
After the photo was taken.
And one of the pearl.
Had decided to bully him.
Rindunya mereka :(

February 04, 2013

New Punjabi

Late evening semalam.
Pergi shopping with Mami Rahimah.
Last time, dapat satu puit punjabi warna Maroon.
Semalam sempat beli warna Hijau and Merah.
Hahah. Tapi teda gambar utk itu.
Sebab sume pun dah hantar ke tailor utk alteration.
Ini gambar punjabi suit daripada En Google.

Btw, those three adalah birthday present.
Thank you Mami~

Anyway, mungkin kalau later i I'm going to shop for more.
Definitely will go for simple design.
Not to say I don't like sequins.
But, not now.

# Kak Aishu niy pakai ape pun cantik :)

February 03, 2013

Maggi :)

A day with maggi kari.
Boleh kecur air liur fikir pasal maggi niy.
Hahah. I know its not good to consume maggi.
It's just sometimes.
When I feel like eating it.

Masa zaman belajar dulu.
Selalu order maggi goreng.
Muak dah tukang masak tu.
Kalau malas nak makan kat luar.
Buat je maggi satu mangkuk.
Rasa bahagia.

Well, nowadays dah x selalu makan.
I guess its good jugak.
Selalu makan nanty jadi muak.
Hohoh. Btw.
Terasa nak makan maggi hari niy.
Tambah telur dengan sawi.
Banyak2 cili api.
Haaa. Tetibe rase lapar.

# Makan dulu~

February 02, 2013

Today Start Early

'' Mom, I'm still sleepy.
Don't wake me up yet.
It's just 7 in the morning. ''
Did you think my mom would listen to that.
Nah, she won't.

Anyway, the day still start early.
Had to go to my sweet little brother's school.
Having a little ceremony on Aku Janji.
Btw, he's sitting for SPM this lovely year.
Good luck Ojey.
We all wish you a very colorful year.

Teringat zaman sekolah.
At the final year.
Thought I would never make it to any University.
Though, luck and blessings still there for me.

Although I didn't receive as many attention as at
my brother's school.
Yet, I'm thankful.
For all the opportunities given.

Thank You.
Mostly to my mom.
( For never missed waking me up everyday )
Loves you mom.

February 01, 2013

Its February

Its already second month of the year.
Still doing so fine at home.
Just a couple of things needed to be sorted out.
Mungkin akan do some island hopping by mid June.
Plus many more exciting things to come.
Currently on booking phase.

Kawan sekolah ajak pergi Pulau Perhentian.
And Langkawi.
My thought. I nak pergi Sibu Island.
But still on planning phase.
Btw, its the first day of February.
Doing some groceries at Pasar Borong.
Having roti canai for breakfast.
Its been long enough for morning napping.
So, its time to get some sweat.
Guess what. I don't recall what Kailan looks like.

So, janganlah jadi macam saya.
Dan kepada awak.
Ye, awaklah. Yang tengah baca post niy.
Sila makan sayur dengan banyaknya oke.
Nanty badan pun sihat.

# Gambar sayur daripada sini.