February 11, 2013

Blue Lagoon Port Dickson

Its beaches time.
Aktiviti cuti sekolah.
Untuk hari ini.
We are off to Port Dickson.

Pagi-pagi by 700 dah on our way.
As expected, by 900 sume pun dah turun mandi laut.
Btw, tak pernah sampai to this part of Port Dickson.
The water still see through.
And not so panas. Thanks to trees.
Ada toilet with shower.
Also some shops.
Oh, tempat ni is near to Maybank Guesthouse.

Today banyak makanan.
And we even bring along mini stove.
Untuk goreng nuggets, sausages, hash-browns and many.
Tak termasuk lagi makanan yg dah ready.
Sandwiches and some fried mihun.

We even assembled the tent.
And all I wanted is a nap.
So sleepy today~