February 02, 2013

Today Start Early

'' Mom, I'm still sleepy.
Don't wake me up yet.
It's just 7 in the morning. ''
Did you think my mom would listen to that.
Nah, she won't.

Anyway, the day still start early.
Had to go to my sweet little brother's school.
Having a little ceremony on Aku Janji.
Btw, he's sitting for SPM this lovely year.
Good luck Ojey.
We all wish you a very colorful year.

Teringat zaman sekolah.
At the final year.
Thought I would never make it to any University.
Though, luck and blessings still there for me.

Although I didn't receive as many attention as at
my brother's school.
Yet, I'm thankful.
For all the opportunities given.

Thank You.
Mostly to my mom.
( For never missed waking me up everyday )
Loves you mom.