February 23, 2013

Pasar Borong

Doing some poultry shopping.
Sangat normal lately ikut my mom to Pasar Borong.
Well, great thing is.
I've learned a lot.
Walaupun i thought I knew everything.
But this is far beyond what I've learned in classes.
Btw, my mom akan go for kursus in next two weeks.
So I guess its her preparation to avoid me starving.
Thanks mom. Love you lot.

Nearest Pasar Borong from me house is at Selayang.
I guess I wouldn't have the guts to go by myself.
Sebab Pasar is quite creepy.
Hahaha. [ If you know what I meant ]
Must be prepared.
If in case you hate things smell fishy meaty and so ever.
Please consider yourself to avoid being at Wet Market.
And ya, I even had a selipar putus.
Yang ni Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah.

# Nak pergi Kelantan lagi !