February 19, 2013

Rumah Oh Rumah

Harga rumah makin naik recent days.
Sampai sejuta untuk a house.
But then bukannya luas.
Mana nak cari tanah lagi kat kawasan KL niy.
Next of kin pun apartments and condos.
But that one only dah cost around 0.5+ million.

Oke, the question is.
Macam mana a fresh grad with her first real job.
To get a house that is suitable with her wage range.
Its seriously though.
Perhaps, we will turn to be like HK, China.
Where peoples lives in cage.
OMG. That cannot be happening!

And I should have start to think about this.
Banyaknya kena fikir lepas letak jawatan jadi student.
[ Palm Face ]