February 09, 2013

A Busy Saturday

Starting this year with lotso things.
One of them is attending this kursus.
Btw, sengaja buat awal.
Risau later mungkin tak dapat any suitable days to do it.

Anyway, the whole day passed by.
And sangat letih sitting around.
We be there by 930 utk registration.
And by 1000 kursus started.
Break lunch at 1430 and rolled again until 1900.
Total of 8 jam kursus was going on.

Reach home pun dah malam.
Sempat singgah mamak.
Makan capati and bungkus maggi goreng.
Heheh. Tenaga kena cukup :p

Serius kena belajar buat capati niy.
Makanan tanpa minyak.
# Still on carb diet :)