February 28, 2013

#1 Kaki Melangkah

Getting my backpack packed up.
Its time to travel :)
Walaupun a bit late.
Tapi I love to get things last minute.
[ Must work it up ]
Today, nak pergi Terengganu.
Bangun agak awal. Just next to sunrise.
The ticket state 10:45.

Dengan semangat tunggu taxi by 9:30.
And be at Putra by 10:00.
Then I was like what am I doing here so early.
Perut rasa lapar. But cannot take heavy breakfast.
I'll vomit. And nobody will like that.
So, bertahan yaya. Bertahan!
Bas sampai lambat. Around 11:00.
Luckily, pakcik bas sangat considerate.
And tak bawak laju-laju.
Safely arrive at around 15:00.
And no vomiting at all. [ Great ! ]
Kite naik bas niy. Skyview.
[ Tipu je. Bas dalam gambar pegy JB ]

# Alhamdulillah.