November 21, 2013

Bebelan Pagi Khamis


Morning walks by very fast in office.
Just a blink its noon already.
Have meeting on every Thursday after lunch.
To discuss progress & actually talk out if having any prob.
Have less than few ideas to update lately.
But at recent, learning new task.
Will be carrying it over the next month & actual serving date would be next year.
Ok, next year! Awal tahun would be very hectic.
Hopefully can manage to loose bit weight & ongoing task in flying color.
Hahah. Can't believe I did have heart to go loose weight.
The least I wanted to do now. Derr~
But need to be active. Keep yawning at work. & that's bad.
Have no true idea on how will the wedding be.
I care less about it now. So many thing to take care of.
End up I don't even care about any. Hahaha.
Life really unpredictable. Things come & go easily.
& ya, its babbling day.
Dan Kiki bulat sudah bersalin. 4 cute babies.
But we don't dare snapping any pics. Hehehe.
Alright, its time to get straight to work.
Remember, time passes very quick when you have something to do.
It distract from the prob you facing at current.

# Doakan all our wishes to come true.