November 04, 2013

Wedding List #3 [Nikah: Dress]


Starting new month already. So near to end of the year.
Just sent my wedding dress for tailoring.
Surprisingly, its a bit high for a dress.
But it necessary to have a nice dress, & its a MUST have.
Well, we went to Bangunan MARA hunting for tailor.
Ramai jugak tailor kat sana, in fact,
U will have a lot of choices to make when it comes to tailor.
As for me, I decided to go for Butik Umairah.
Dan I get that from blogwalking, but belum pernah nampak end result.
So, I'm trying one to get to know what my experiment will be.
Hopefully, everything will be just fine :)
Dan utk harga tailoring, just ignore for once.
Its not final yet.

# Waiting, waiting & waiting