May 27, 2013

The Life

~Its like my thousandth babbling post~ 
[ And yet I still do babble ]
[ donut, donut, donut . . . hey ]
Hiding lotso things from public.
It doesn't mean that I've got secrets.
Its mean I'm not sharing my personal life with the whole universe.
Btw, getting up early worrying sick.
InshAllah everything would be fine [ as soon as he gets home ]
Till then, my life is on the line.
I am at current pace of know nothing.
Feel nothing and fear everything.
Nice though, will be having my e-day next month.
Sad though, when I kept thinking, will it be the right choice.
Its true that dealing with a big family that you never have,
you must as well be prepared of whats coming to you.
InshAllah, dapat cater masalah ni nanty.
Kan Allah said, rezeki is everywhere.
You just need to find and earn.

# As the matter effect, I am currently in heavy thinking mode.
Perhaps there's something I can do with these.