May 24, 2013

Tired, Super Tired

Somebody had told me that I loose my stress by writing.
I think that was a beautiful thing I heard.
Since no one is currently at any state of listening to my problems.
I find that writing helps a lot.
Writing to express my feeling.
And to demonstrate a good way of stress handling.
I write a lot when I face problems.
Mostly, emotional-related matters.
Its easy to say I'm dealing with one right now.
The feeling when you have got no where to turn to.
Nothing in world would ever understand that you are in trouble.
Ahaha. Writing makes you exaggerate about everything.
[ That's bad when others are reading it ]
So less talk about other people and start to find solutions for myself.
I'm suppose to have my engagement by next month.
The initial ideas were from me. Yes.
That's the fact. But seemingly I cannot pull that one off.
It's damn hard. Super tiring to think.
Adui. Help me Allah.
Letih, lagi-lagi bila datang soal emosi ni.
Nak rehatkan minda boleh x.
[ Must stay positive even I'm not that positive about myself ]
Stay smiling. Smile like you don't care a thing.
[ My most favorite picture ever :) ]
# Tired, but Allah had planned for us a better way to understand how He works.