May 11, 2013

Kenapa Selalu Rasa Sedih :(

Hey, its been a month.
Sorry my dearest blog yg comel.
Been so busy last month.
And even get dizziest week ever.
Seriously, need hell lot of time to get the thinking over.
Ya Allah, guide me please.
Oh ya, I'm suppose to start working pun this May.
But something had happen.
Thus, I'm leaving it all to qada' and qadar.
I cannot think of anymore solution dah.
Huhuhu [ Super sad ]
[ Think all the good things only yaya ]
Only the good things.
Btw, Allah know whats best for us.
So, till then, keeping fast pace towards being better.
And ya, kenapa selalu rasa sedih.
What I get from the book I read.
'' Mungkin its all ujian for yu.
And mungkin its a way to make yu become better person.
Rasa sedih akan berlalu bukan.
Teruskan sikap positif. Bersabarlah. ''

# Facepalm tapi must bersabar.