March 30, 2013

Saturday Night With Family

Its the weekend.
With all family members.
Super fun doing some gathering together.
Saturday was awesome.
At evening, my mom makes laksa.
She's the best at making them.
But perut sangat full.
Can't take more than two bowls.
Cause by tengahari makan Ikan Bakar.
And guess what.
I think I'm having an appetite with the size of an elephant.
[ Today only ]
Banyak gila makan & makanan.
The event start after Maghrib.
Me and my sis had set up the grill.
Burning charcoal.
[ Tolong letak jew :) ]
Ayam suda siap perap.
Just using normal flavoring.
Added with some black pepper.
Its time to bakar ayam.
Dalam bahasa asing. Bunyinya macam niy.
Burn the chicken !
Hohoh. Btw, we are celebrating my dear sis punya birthday.
Hers' on April 3rd.
But she cannot make it home on that day.
So we are celebrating in advance.
What we have for the night was a lot more than I can take it.
We have seriously awesome chocolate cake.
Jajans and the geng.
Some more, Cadbury and ice cream.
Gila jup tengok sume makanan atas meja.
At the end of the day.
Rasa sangat happy.
Everybody was there. Foods were all finished.
Minimum wastage occurs.
And for all of that. Alhamdulillah :)