March 25, 2013

Its Monday Again

A little customization on the blog.
[ Harap-harap awak lebih mudah nak stalk sy ]
Hohoh. My weekend was splendid.
Sangat happy dapat release tense last week.
Had so much fun.
Thanks to you. I felt more comfortable being myself.
[ Big fat smile :3 ]
Next on schedule.
On tuition for a Form 1 girl.
I completely forgot that I had promised her on tuition.
Seriously I felt very lazy.
And her mom mention that this was only temporary.
Thank God. At last I had something to do.
Even for temporary.
Mode for teaching : Fierce.
[ And budak tu pun dah rasa macam ngeri nak sambung class ]
This is awesome !
[ Just some random pic from past two years ]