March 21, 2013

Resting at Last

This week extremely hectic.
Rushing here and there.
Lotso things needed to be done.
Best of all, babysitting my niece.
Ya Allah. That kid was kinda hard to handle.
Still small and on breastfeeding.
But her mom was outta town.
So, Ai la kena jaga for couple nights.
Its bit more pengalaman for me lah.
My Adek and Ojey had safely landed to other places on earth.
Adek sampai Kuching at 9:00.
[ Belum bangun tidur lagi :) ]
Ojey depart at 19:00.
Perhaps, hes landed on Beijing already now.
Safe journey my dearest :3

Today was a bit peaceful.
Yet still had some things to be taken care of.
But dah sober dari pain semalam.
So I guess I shall be fine.
Keep on having good resting time.
Love my life lots.