January 13, 2014

Pagi Isnin Dan Bebelan


Been thru a lot lately, and finding shoulder to cry on.
Things getting hard. Dan ada banyak perkara yang memang tak mampu diluahkan.
Wedding wise:
All almost checked, on-going dan almost 80% ready.
Working thru second deposit dan Alhamdulillah.
Masih ada yg accept 3x payment term. Thank you.
Sangat appreciate sebab at this time, I can't take any more stress.
Work wise:
Got new task. Even though is not that hard.
But need more focus dan attention.
Almost master 40% of it, still counting.
Self wise:
Rasa sangat overload, need some time out from this mess.
Bukan takmo share, tapi kadang-kadang soal hati memang susah nak komunikasi.
Sebab we know better what we think of dan apa outcome yang kita expect.
Since, its really hard to get the path as I wanted it to be.
Still working on it, slowly by toddler step.
As hoping, all will turn out to be well.
#Please don't loose this health, this job and the last life.