October 26, 2011

Konpius = ='

 Sem depan , suppose to go on trip to somewhere .
Anywhere actually . But the thing is , they has not
come out with anything yet .
And the problems is , many of us are not that so rich . :(
We are choosing between Taiwan & Indonesia .
We love Taiwan [ wish to go there ]
But Indonesia sound fit for all .
Sebab expenses dy same macam kat Malesia nih .
So sume org akan automatic jadi kayer . :)
But still a problem . Sebab those who are that so rich said ,
' Kalau Indonesia , ak bole g ngan famili . '
So , basically that is the major part of problems .
Ahahah . Leaving me [ that is on the edge of cliff ]
to feel like I am not exist .

My honest opinion :
Takde masalah kalau nak pegi Taiwan . Its a beautiful country .
Tapi all kena struggle to help each other so that we are all in
one flight to Taiwan .
But , takmaw nanti ade yg komplen belakang .
Buat biar ikhlas . Kau mampu , ade org laen tak mampu .
Jadi same-same tolong lah .
We can make the trip to be heartiest memory of all .

Okeh . <3