October 25, 2011

Educational Trip

I know . Dengar pon bosan kan3 ~
But we had so much fun today .
kenakan c Faliq + Ama .
Ohohoh . They make cute couple though .
We'll go through them l8r .
1st , today is hell exhausting tiring day .
But its a learning process . :)
My tag is everywhere . Lol  ~

 We have been to MITI which stand for
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
 And next to MIDA ( Malaysian Investment Development Authority ) .
What we learn today ?

1. MIDA is among agencies under MITI . It's a body which entitle
to help foreign investors in dealing with licensing and other rules and
regulation to setting up plant here in Malaysia .
2. The Senior Director is quite cute ( my friends rate ) and he is cheerful with
lotso knowledge . He had been with MIDA almost 30+ years . Woah !
3. We had supplied with tonnes of foods ~ ( cheers ) . Lunch by MITI and
Tea by MIDA .
4. MITI is a ministry (I had confuse with these lotso time .
But Im cleared up today .
5. Working with MIDA , you will have chances to be an expatriate but
the most criteria you must have is 'love seeing people' .
[ Persuading people is so not my skills . :( ]
6. I learn that unemployment rate in Malaysia is lower than 4 .
Woah ! Means we are quite great lorh . But this is not good for investors actually ,
MIDA had stated that increament in wages can be one of the
reason FDi shifting to other lower wages countries ;
Vietnam , Thailand or Indonesia .
7. Hey , do you know that China is the most exporter for Malaysia .
And the most country that invest in Malaysia is Japan .
[ I thought it was China . My bad ~ ]
8. We are shifting to non-traditional market . As such , Africa !
9. Liberalize - ownership of asset by FDi . Practice of : what you earn is all yours .

 Telling upon these perhaps someday in the future ,
I can be one of the top line in either MITI or MIDA .

. . . will update more pics soon . :)