May 29, 2011

Dear diary

Maybe sume org pun ade diary utk rekod activity harian kan .
I have it too .
diary1 300x219 A Pregnant Mothers Diary [Pregnancy]
Typically , diary memang utk rekod apa yang dah dilalui today
untuk bacaan di masa akan datang .

Dulu masa kecik . Diary niy tempat utk luahkan perasaan .
Kalau nak cerita . Semua pun simpan dalam tu .
Sampaikan satu masa .
Ayah jumpa diary tu . Terus beliau sorokkan .
Ape lagi . Memang nages tak sudah lah. .

After that , I give up on diary .
Its not safe to store your memory in a book .
Which safety is the none factor a book can give .

Recently , I decided to have a diary once again .
Tapi this one is not a place to record what i feel . 
Its more on planner .
I even wrote groceries I should buy in there .
Hahaha .

Nonetheless , diary is important .
To record what is up next and as later memories .
But don't store what you feel in there .
You wont know if anybody had peep on it .

p/s : I have my baby now . So I prefer to just talk it out . He could suggest a good solution . Sometimes~