September 09, 2014

September, hope you went by fast


The feeling you have when something itching your mind,
but there's no room to express.

Channels, we look up for spaces we can use to let it go.
Then, there's obstacle.
Resulted to us thinking to just keep it inside.
Lock it deep down.

They don't understand you.
Only He did, cause He created you.

Been out of mood lately, feeling so tired like sleep could have done any better.
Ah, this weekend leaving for Pulau Pinang again.
Its been 100th wedding invitation this year.
Hahaha, ramai sangat yang kahwin tahun ni.
Ok, tak taw nak membebel apa.
Even though I've got soo many things running inside my head.
Tapi tak boleh express, rasa macam kosong je pun ada.

#one holiday please :)