June 27, 2014

Wedding List #30 [Review : Wedding Album]


Well, finally dapat semua wedding album. Dan perasaan agaka kecewa, mungkin terlalu overestimate kot dengan kualiti album tu. Actually, we have both side on photographer, dan its easy to work with my photographer. But his one deliver much more quality than mine.

This is my experience with my photog. I think its normal untuk photographer tu ambil masa yg lama utk siapkan album kita. And ya, kadang-kadang I feel marah jugak, sebab satu je album nya. But then, reconsider dan I know I'm not the only customer.

Ah, anyhow, I am bit disappointing for the result. It should have be better than this. It looks totally out from professional look, sangatlah simple dan I cannot bare looking at it. Although inside, the story telling is good, dan I love how they arrange the pictures, and when it comes towards the end, feel disappoint again. They leave too many blank pages. Oh ya, then i remember, I'm paying RM1,850 only. ONLY, but enough to make me feel its expensive enough.

No point of taunting, result was made. And things I can do is, to reprint new album for my self. Know what, sometimes, we do feel like we can do much better than other people but we don't have the time & correct contact.

#Will update all album soonest.