September 27, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Jiran Sebelah


Notice that I only write on Monday & Friday.
Nampak macam takde kerja je dua hari yg tersebut kan.
Tapi ekceli, got plenty of things to do.
But I'm just too lazy.
Today by chance, me joining the next team for lunch.
They're celebrating Tisha's 24th.
Seriously, they're are like sweetest ever.
Never had like that one but mungkin I would have chances next year.
Guess I would take AL that time.
How I love spending time with myself on my birthday.
I'm over the traumatize things that haunt for like most my time.
Its time to move on.
My dad would suggest that as well. I know.
Anyway, Happy Belated birthday Tisha.
May Allah bless you.
Have fun working on Friday! Heheh.

# Kiki sangat comel bila pakai baju. Soo kawai.