August 26, 2013

My Pending Posts

Sedar tak sedar, August is about to end.
Btw, I'm preparing myself for next level.
Got a job. Yay!
Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Syawal tahun ni.
Spent many days here already.
Guess what, I think I'm gonna love being here.
Colleagues are great. Environment is nice.
Boses, haven't met yet.
Hahah. And on top of all, their working culture is sangat leisure.
Heart it!
Location : Somewhere around Bandar Utama.
A bit high maintenance.
Sebab its like city area. Foods are expensive.
Parking fees & tolls.
Guu~ Must face it. Huhuhu.
Despite all the dramas since last May.
All praise to Allah for this opportunity.

Yang pastinya, I've waited this long to get what I dreamt for.
 So, I'll make full use of it & hopefully I'm at my best.
So long.

# Baru lepas sarapan, dah nak lunch.