September 27, 2012


Susahny nak habiskan latihan industri kalau macam niy .
Serius x tahan dengan situasi tempat kerja .
Cara kerja & how they treat people .
Especially intern .
I choose to do intern at these Japanese company .
Which seems sangat sistematik and a well-known brand .

Sistem sedia ada mmg a lot like other company .
Apply cuti awal . Report every progress .
Be at work on time . Buat OT tanpa bayaran .
But yg paling x boleh terima is NO
going out utk jumpa advisor .
I don't deny the fact that we can
communicate thru mails and call .
But my college thought me that two way
communiction enhance information sharing .

But I guess have to stand on and
keep fighting this hatred .
At least sampai I finish the intern .
Guess what , I don't think I would
wanted to work there anymore .
And for the brand , I'll better go for Kancil .

# Hasil geram dengan tempat praktikal .
Rasa sangat stress :(
Stress bisa bikin rambut gugur .
Boleh jadi bald mcm niy .